What'cha up to crow? That's the phrase I always think or say aloud when I see one of my favorite birds flying around town. They are just great to watch because they're truly always up to something. I did a little cartoon representation of what they like to do in the VRC mall parking lot (or on any hard surface really; they also quite like Monroe Street). So watching these buggers do their thing in the fall (fall like those nuts fall, cracking open meaty goodness) is something that makes for some of my favorite birdwatching. And aloft, these guys are lovely to watch as they toss themselves around, among each other, riding the breeze backwards, bouncing along the windstream, doing acrobatics and playing tag about the busy streets and sidewalks and people who might should look up a bit more often to see the wonders of nature that have so comfortably settled into city life making a living while I watch in envy. To view life below from such lofty perches (sometimes so small they have to wing and wiggle to balance) is something that I would love to do. For now, I enjoy watching them do it themselves because seems to me like they've got city life more figured out than a lot of us! 

Here's a mini photo montage: Cheeky crow in a truck bed, found exactly what he was looking for (fries!) and took off.


12/20/2013 6:44pm

gotta admire the crow!


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